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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedbacks' started by Uzenmi, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. Uzenmi

    Uzenmi Member


    I have some useful suggestions for PHPTravels that I think they can make your app better.

    1. For pt_accounts, I think you had better split into 3 separate tables: Admin, Partner and Customer accounts table. In the present, it will have big problems when customers and partners increased, and it will be difficult to develop functions for members, such as points, types and levels of members. This is very important. (example, the company I worked has 2.7 million customers and 600 thousand partners with many levers, types and bonus points of members).

    2. Deposit/Commision: You need re-design this function, it unreasonable. When looking at a particular policy of a hotel, you will see it has many cases of payment, it's not as simple as you done.

    3. Extras: I really can not use this function, you can see that the same service but each hotel has different description and price. So you need re-design it as admin/partner can add/modify description, price for each service he choose.

    4. Booking Code & Invoice Number: Re-design them as random numbers like Coupon Code.

    Re-add Quick Booking button in Booking Management page. And in Quickbooking form, if number of service =<1, Select service option is hidden.

    5. Review: Add Reply Review. It is important for admin and partner. And Partner can view/approval reviews. Of cause Admin can point in permissions for.

    In submit review form, its load customer's info if he is logged on.

    6. Pointing Review & Extras permissions for Partner.

    7. Mobile theme: Add a mobile theme for mobile view.

    8. Breadcrumbs: Add breadcrumbs.

    9. Social Login: Add Facebook, Google account login.

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  2. Admin

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    thanks for your feedbacks we will try out best to input all these awesome features in our upcoming version.
  3. Uzenmi

    Uzenmi Member

    I found that the functions for Partner is poor, so you should be supplemented with features for it, and below is a few suggestions for next update:

    + If hotel number =<1, then the Partner click to manager hotel, it will loading to update that hotel directly.
    + Add Commission for Partner. This is the basis for calculating commissions to each partner. This is high priority for next update.
    + Add more fields like this page >>
    + Add Revenue Chart, Booking Summary, Commissions Summary for Partner.

    - Replace current Visit Statistics to Google Analytics, it has many properties to report.

    - Add crop image for large size. (some Partners maybe upload original files, this is horrible for page loading and storage). This is high priority for next update.

    - Add custom image size for thumbnail & large size and select Yes/No to delete original files in Setting (if select Yes, files uploaded will be remove after resize).

    - Add Symbol position Left or Right for Currencies (some currencies show on the left or right of the price). This is high priority for next update.

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  4. Horia Dogaru

    Horia Dogaru New Member

    These are great new feauter I hope to see in the next update
  5. Admin

    Admin Member


    thanks for your feedbacks we will try out best to input all these awesome features in our upcoming version.
  6. FareJade

    FareJade Member

    Also, add a feature to allow the customer to book more than one hotel room at once, not to book each hotel separately. This should have been a basic feature.
    See attached as an example.

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  7. Uzenmi

    Uzenmi Member

    Admin, can you add our suggests to the stable version 6 in this month? We really must say that you are working too slowly.
  8. xini757

    xini757 New Member

    Admin, do something and reproject the blog by letting the people to put their comments on posts. It is very important to people be involved.
    And by the way: solve the rest of bugs faster, please!
  9. xini757

    xini757 New Member

    Last update with a new theme is nothing new in that theme, is allmost the same with the old theme.
  10. xini757

    xini757 New Member

    Can you do some categories to find hotels by destinations? It is more easier for costumers to search hotels by destinations. Just look at uploaded picture for example.

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  11. Upendra Yadav

    Upendra Yadav New Member

    Add destinations and Show hotel as per category Like future hotels then according to star rating.
    add some future like trivago hotel manager. Its Awesome. try to give option to import hotels by excel format or by skyscanner api along with images.

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