This is what we did with PHPTravels scripts (added features)

Discussion in 'Themes Style & Customization' started by Bobby Saputra, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. Bobby Saputra

    Bobby Saputra Member

    Preparing for launching travel agency website soon, our website currently in demo mode.


    auto complete search with hotel Name, city, location.


    modification date picker added day and holiday, added duration nights stay (ajax)


    added country & top destination management


    modify hotel listing, add sort by (ajax), discount, onchange filter


    modify hotel detail.

    added working FB login.


    custom payment gateway (indonesia)

    add view voucher

    automatically pdf voucher sent through email (after successful payment)


    added cancel booking.


    added Local ATM Transfer Method

    :D that's all
  2. Alta

    Alta New Member

    nice job, would you share the changes with us?

    PHPTRAVELS Staff Administrator Staff Member


    that is really great news that you have done all these awesome features.
    please keep sharing your modifications so that our developers and other customers get updates about what it can be for everyone

  4. mike

    mike New Member

    Halo bro

    gw dah beli produk phptravels modulmu boleh juga. itu untuk expedia atau bukan yah..
    kalo untuk expedia kamu pakai payment gateway apa : veritrans..?
    kalo dijual model yang seperti kamu itu harganya berapa yah..?

  5. Pixelsoft

    Pixelsoft New Member

    These great features must be added to PHPTravels application.
    Good job.
  6. hnsm

    hnsm Member

    HI Bobby,

    I can't see your images. Can you upload them again or sent me them privately?

    Thank you!
  7. Baqari

    Baqari New Member

    I can't see your images. Can you upload them again
  8. hakan

    hakan New Member

  9. Simon Bagola

    Simon Bagola New Member

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