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Discussion in 'Installation, setup and upgrading' started by Uzenmi, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. Lara

    Lara Member

    correct bro the loading is very slow.
  2. Uzenmi

    Uzenmi Member

    Let's see what they have in the new version in this month, I hope it does not disappoint as this silly beta version.
  3. xini757

    xini757 New Member

    v6 alpha : dashboard/accounts doesn`t work!
  4. xini757

    xini757 New Member

    v6 alpha: the icons too small!

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  5. xini757

    xini757 New Member

    v6 alpha: after supplier sign up , supplier can`t login! also "reset password" for supplier doesn`t work!
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  6. baresound

    baresound New Member

    BUGS v6 alpha:

    1. The search field icons are inside the icons (MAC, various browsers)

    2. When you book a hotel over Expedia API, the user account is completely messed up and broken.

    3. The "Quick Search" you see on the left side after searching for an hotel via Expedia API is broken and does not work. If you have searched for e.g. London and then type in a different city, you wont get any results.

    4. It is just not possible to view the blog on a mobile website. You just see a blank page.

    These are critical bugs and need to be fixed as soon as possible. I really ask you to do it, please. This is really important.


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  7. Lara

    Lara Member

    correct bro there are many bugs checked on demo page on there are not updates @Admin when will finaly version released?
  8. Uzenmi

    Uzenmi Member

    Nothing changed after many months. You will have to regret if try to buy a product from Paskitan.
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  9. Lara

    Lara Member

    Yeah bro nothing is changed..

    we wait all long time for fixed and issues

    first important is expedia search the location will not good work you have implant google places api this will not found..

    i have found your partner script they have work expedia search why you do not buikd for your clients?? i have lookud expedia api developer you can change to ean api location..

    Script is very slow , when book on expedia get confirmation mail the link will not work in the mail.....

    @Admin i think you will not resolve 2.5 month waiting there are no updates... i think time for another script ...

    you have lost very many customers ;)
  10. Lara

    Lara Member


    latest update will again not work you have builded Auto complete function jquery.. they will again not found most city/state or hotel search name will not work...

    i see on your customer or your own script they will work most expedia api script will work only your script did not work.......

    ++++ most hotel will not listed i see 10-15 hotels when in expedia or expedia api websites search i found more than 100 hotels...............
  11. Lara

    Lara Member



    In expedia modules from admin > City Name function

    only first function will work

    City Name ; Dubai
    City Name ; Rome
    City Name ; Paris

    only first function will work: Dubai can you see on homepage rome, paris not work try another place again not work...

    there are many bugs


    when book get mail from ean confirmation the link will not work ( going to booking ) see your booking..
  12. xini757

    xini757 New Member

    Last update is full of bugs. Last update broken my site, it looks ugly. I like to return like previous version than last update.
  13. xini757

    xini757 New Member

    Update Travelpayouts Flights doesn`t work! Look what I get after update!

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