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Discussion in 'Language Packages' started by Indra Adji, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Indra Adji

    Indra Adji New Member


    i have trouble with language.

    i just adding chinese language, but when it selected, web show blank page. can anyone help me?
  2. Admin

    Admin Member


    there should be something wrong please check the file format it should be UTF-8

  3. FareJade

    FareJade Member

    I just translated to Chinese, saved as UTF8 and still receive blank page.
    Please help.
  4. Admin

    Admin Member


    we have already chinese language pack and its working perfect.
    please double check with your code and translation pattern.

    if the problem still occurs please open support ticket at

  5. FareJade

    FareJade Member

    Good Day Qasim:
    I am not seeing Chines language on the language selection. Please see the attached screen shot labelled No_Chinese_Language.png
    Thanks so much.

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  6. Admin

    Admin Member


    the language pack is not for free
    you can buy it for $50

    thank you.
  7. Tony Nguyen

    Tony Nguyen New Member

    Good morning Admin
    please help me link not friendly with title vietnamese


    When I posting title: Đà Nẵng, or title: Thiên đường Miền trung 3 ngày 2 đêm

  8. Tony Nguyen

    Tony Nguyen New Member

    Good morning
    Language very easy
    please change or copy folder en to cn
    every thing done
  9. Uzenmi

    Uzenmi Member

    Hi Tony Nguyen,

    I think Admin can not help your problem, because they certainly did not know about Vietnamese. I give you the code that I am using, hope can help you.

    You open application/config/foreign_chars.php file and replace it with the code below:

    defined('BASEPATH') OR exit('No direct script access allowed');

    $foreign_characters = array(
    '/ä|æ|ǽ/' => 'ae',
    '/ö|œ/' => 'oe',
    '/ü/' => 'ue',
    '/Ä/' => 'Ae',
    '/Ü/' => 'Ue',
    '/Ö/' => 'Oe',
    '/À|Á|Â|Ã|Ä|Å|Ǻ|Ā|Ă|Ą|Ǎ|Α|Ά|Ả|Ạ|Ầ|Ẫ|Ẩ|Ậ|Ằ|Ắ|Ẵ|Ẳ|Ặ|А/' => 'A',
    '/à|á|â|ã|å|ǻ|ā|ă|ą|ǎ|ª|α|ά|ả|ạ|ầ|ấ|ẫ|ẩ|ậ|ằ|ắ|ẵ|ẳ|ặ|а/' => 'a',
    '/Б/' => 'B',
    '/б/' => 'b',
    '/Ç|Ć|Ĉ|Ċ|Č/' => 'C',
    '/ç|ć|ĉ|ċ|č/' => 'c',
    '/Д/' => 'D',
    '/д/' => 'd',
    '/Ð|Ď|Đ|Δ/' => 'Dj',
    '/ð|ď|đ|δ/' => 'dj',
    '/È|É|Ê|Ë|Ē|Ĕ|Ė|Ę|Ě|Ε|Έ|Ẽ|Ẻ|Ẹ|Ề|Ế|Ễ|Ể|Ệ|Е|Э/' => 'E',
    '/è|é|ê|ë|ē|ĕ|ė|ę|ě|έ|ε|ẽ|ẻ|ẹ|ề|ế|ễ|ể|ệ|е|э/' => 'e',
    '/Ф/' => 'F',
    '/ф/' => 'f',
    '/Ĝ|Ğ|Ġ|Ģ|Γ|Г|Ґ/' => 'G',
    '/ĝ|ğ|ġ|ģ|γ|г|ґ/' => 'g',
    '/Ĥ|Ħ/' => 'H',
    '/ĥ|ħ/' => 'h',
    '/Ì|Í|Î|Ï|Ĩ|Ī|Ĭ|Ǐ|Į|İ|Η|Ή|Ί|Ι|Ϊ|Ỉ|Ị|И|Ы/' => 'I',
    '/ì|í|î|ï|ĩ|ī|ĭ|ǐ|į|ı|η|ή|ί|ι|ϊ|ỉ|ị|и|ы|ї/' => 'i',
    '/Ĵ/' => 'J',
    '/ĵ/' => 'j',
    '/Ķ|Κ|К/' => 'K',
    '/ķ|κ|к/' => 'k',
    '/Ĺ|Ļ|Ľ|Ŀ|Ł|Λ|Л/' => 'L',
    '/ĺ|ļ|ľ|ŀ|ł|λ|л/' => 'l',
    '/М/' => 'M',
    '/м/' => 'm',
    '/Ñ|Ń|Ņ|Ň|Ν|Н/' => 'N',
    '/ñ|ń|ņ|ň|ʼn|ν|н/' => 'n',
    '/Ò|Ó|Ô|Õ|Ō|Ŏ|Ǒ|Ő|Ơ|Ø|Ǿ|Ο|Ό|Ω|Ώ|Ỏ|Ọ|Ồ|Ố|Ỗ|Ổ|Ộ|Ờ|Ớ|Ỡ|Ở|Ợ|О/' => 'O',
    '/ò|ó|ô|õ|ō|ŏ|ǒ|ő|ơ|ø|ǿ|º|ο|ό|ω|ώ|ỏ|ọ|ồ|ố|ỗ|ổ|ộ|ờ|ớ|ỡ|ở|ợ|о/' => 'o',
    '/П/' => 'P',
    '/п/' => 'p',
    '/Ŕ|Ŗ|Ř|Ρ|Р/' => 'R',
    '/ŕ|ŗ|ř|ρ|р/' => 'r',
    '/Ś|Ŝ|Ş|Ș|Š|Σ|С/' => 'S',
    '/ś|ŝ|ş|ș|š|ſ|σ|ς|с/' => 's',
    '/Ț|Ţ|Ť|Ŧ|τ|Т/' => 'T',
    '/ț|ţ|ť|ŧ|т/' => 't',
    '/Ù|Ú|Û|Ũ|Ū|Ŭ|Ů|Ű|Ų|Ư|Ǔ|Ǖ|Ǘ|Ǚ|Ǜ|Ũ|Ủ|Ụ|Ừ|Ứ|Ữ|Ử|Ự|У/' => 'U',
    '/ù|ú|û|ũ|ū|ŭ|ů|ű|ų|ư|ǔ|ǖ|ǘ|ǚ|ǜ|υ|ύ|ϋ|ủ|ụ|ừ|ứ|ữ|ử|ự|у/' => 'u',
    '/Ý|Ÿ|Ŷ|Υ|Ύ|Ϋ|Ỳ|Ỹ|Ỷ|Ỵ|Й/' => 'Y',
    '/ý|ÿ|ŷ|ỳ|ỹ|ỷ|ỵ|й/' => 'y',
    '/В/' => 'V',
    '/в/' => 'v',
    '/Ŵ/' => 'W',
    '/ŵ/' => 'w',
    '/Ź|Ż|Ž|Ζ|З/' => 'Z',
    '/ź|ż|ž|ζ|з/' => 'z',
    '/Æ|Ǽ/' => 'AE',
    '/ß/' => 'ss',
    '/IJ/' => 'IJ',
    '/ij/' => 'ij',
    '/Œ/' => 'OE',
    '/ƒ/' => 'f',
    '/ξ/' => 'ks',
    '/π/' => 'p',
    '/β/' => 'v',
    '/μ/' => 'm',
    '/ψ/' => 'ps',
    '/Ё/' => 'Yo',
    '/ё/' => 'yo',
    '/Є/' => 'Ye',
    '/є/' => 'ye',
    '/Ї/' => 'Yi',
    '/Ж/' => 'Zh',
    '/ж/' => 'zh',
    '/Х/' => 'Kh',
    '/х/' => 'kh',
    '/Ц/' => 'Ts',
    '/ц/' => 'ts',
    '/Ч/' => 'Ch',
    '/ч/' => 'ch',
    '/Ш/' => 'Sh',
    '/ш/' => 'sh',
    '/Щ/' => 'Shch',
    '/щ/' => 'shch',
    '/Ъ|ъ|Ь|ь/' => '',
    '/Ю/' => 'Yu',
    '/ю/' => 'yu',
    '/Я/' => 'Ya',
    '/я/' => 'ya'
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  10. Ümit Yaşar

    Ümit Yaşar New Member

    $L1["Hotels"] = "饭店 ";
    $L1["Tours"] = "游 ";
    $L1["Offers"] = "提供";
    $L1["Ean"] = "Expedia ";
    $L1["Hotelscombined"] = "EarthZone ";
    $L1["Flightsdohop"] = "航班 F";
    $L1["Travelstart"] = "航班 T";
    $L1["Wegoflights"] = "航班 W";
    $L1["Cars"] = "汽车出租 1";
    $L1["Blog"] = "BookerBlog";
    $L1["Cartrawler"] = "汽车出租 2";

    Note the "" signs.
  11. Tony Nguyen

    Tony Nguyen New Member

    Rất cảm ơn bạn nhưng nó vẫn không được: khách sạn ven biển đà nẵng

    Đã làm như thế mà link vẫn ra không được
    vui lòng hỗ trợ giúp
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  12. FareJade

    FareJade Member

    Could you write some English here?
  13. Tony Nguyen

    Tony Nguyen New Member

    Sorry, I user PHPtravel but Link vietnamese not ok
    please help for me

    Demo: demo: ==> vietnamese: Khách sạn ven biển đà nẵng
    thanks so much

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