Expedia booking page blank after 6.1 upgrade

Discussion in 'Installation, setup and upgrading' started by FareJade, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. FareJade

    FareJade Member

    Anybody knows why Expedia Booking page goes blank after 6.1 upgrade?
    I just upgraded. Can connect to Expedia, but Expedia booking page is blank either as "Login" or as "Book as guest".
    Also in Expedia admin settings, the second city settings is also shows blank.
    Please help since PHPTRAVELS people are not answering my support tickets.
  2. Upendra Yadav

    Upendra Yadav New Member

    Dear Developer Team,

    Please fix the same or share some code only. i will upload it with our website.

    1. Same issue with my website. Dear Developer. Can you share Expedia Api all codes. when i am enable Expedia module then featured hotel can see but when we click with hotel link. website show 500 error. May be some code issue.

    2. Issue - Home page slider not working.
    3 Issue - For internal Hotel location function not working. May be some code missing. finding some file Hotels/suggestion so meting.

    Note- We are redesigning tour module like that http://traveltriangle.com/ with lead management.

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