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  1. Kuben

    Kuben New Member

    I am trying to create an affiliate site with Expedia. So I am allowing the users to select their currency on the main Index Page.

    However I am using the expedia module, and this has a field to set the currency itself... So my problem is, if a customer sets their currency on the Index Page. How do I get their selected currency to carry over into the search results for Hotels from Expedia.

    I don't want a user to select ZAR on index page only to find the search for hotels displays USD.
  2. baresound

    baresound New Member

    Same with language. only the website language changes, not the language of the Expedia module!
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  3. Lara

    Lara Member

    the script have many bugs. language not changeing , location not good work most hotel cannot be searched latest update have removed Google api now work with easy map api from jquery.

    i say this 2.5 month ago no one will fix this company will not build.

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