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Discussion in 'Themes Style & Customization' started by Brahim Jounh, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Brahim Jounh

    Brahim Jounh New Member

    Hello PhpTrvaels,

    Thank s for adding Child theme,

    Can you also please make some video of some sort to explain how this can be used. it looks complicated and not sure where to start for many of us who are not expert in code.


    PHPTRAVELS Staff Administrator Staff Member


    thanks for the suggestion this feature is implementation now

    Good day!
  3. Ümit Yaşar

    Ümit Yaşar New Member

  4. talal

    talal New Member

  5. xini757

    xini757 New Member

  6. talal

    talal New Member

  7. xini757

    xini757 New Member

  8. xini757

    xini757 New Member

    thank you @talal

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