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    After testing the PHPTravels app I found that it is missing some important functions that are available in the website but not in the app

    My bookings
    1. Currently user must search by invoice number/code
    2. It should be like website, all available bookings should be displayed when user login
    3. Invoice viewed is only basic information, no details shown like in website

    Booking process
    1. When booking tour from app, it is not asking to enter names for adults and children. This should be added similar to website booking process.

    Usability options
    1. Should add option to view hotels in map
    2. Sort hotel by location near to you or near a specific city
    3. Filter for hotels and tours (we don't need complex filter like website) but at least option to filter by location and by tour types or hotel stars
    4. User profile page should be available in app with option to update user information

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